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Decorative Ceiling with Controlled Lights

When we say innovative, we mean it. We are presenting you one of our last projects: Controlled RGBW lights custom designed decorative ceiling, or simply The Magic!

Home Improvement Led Ceiling Project
decorative ceiling with controlled rgb lights

Create an illumination effect and choose your own colour to match your state of mind, weather or set up the mood for a special occasion

The lighting system is connected to Mi-Light phone application, which allows you to control numerous lights across the house. You can dim or increase the brightness, change colour of bulbs, you can control individual lights or all of them together.

Besides all decorative and design advantages, all LED lights are energy efficient and lasts up to 50,000 hours.

Cool, isn’t it? If you are ready for some crazy creative ideas, call your home basement renovations & home additions experts today!

LED Custom Designed wall

Slide from left to right to see the difference!